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Why Learner Me?




Develop Job-Ready Skills

Employers are crying out for technology professionals with industry standard skills ready to hit the ground running. Learner Me programmes are designed by tech professionals and are updated frequently.

Do Real-World Projects

Learner Me partners with local organisations to create real working tech solutions as part of students’ programmes. Be part of a team that makes a real difference in the world even while you’re studying.


At Learner Me you’ll have full access to student allowances and loans that you have at any New Zealand university and polytechnic. And you’ll graduate with NZQA-accredited qualifications up to and including Level 6 diplomas.

Learn From Industry Professionals

Wouldn’t you love to learn about hardware alongside professionals from an Apple Authorised Service Provider and Microsoft Silver Partner? And what about learning coding from a locally-based app development professional? This is what you’ll be doing at Learner Me.

Affordable & Fast

At Learner Me you’ll complete the same number of NZQA credits in six months as you might do in 12 months elsewhere. We do this by working similar hours to a normal working day—meaning you’re qualified and ready to enter the job market sooner, saving you both time and money.

Career Pathways

As part of Innovation HQ, Learner Me feeds students into employment positions in its various businesses, including Proformac Technologies, Branding HQ and App HQ. We also work closely with many other local businesses. Learn more about Innovation HQ here.

Don't just learn. DO.

Learner Me is Taranaki's technology training academy. Here, you don’t just learn theory, you apply those learnings directly into developing real-world tech projects and doing so with industry professionals as your tutors.


Our digital, self-paced, NZQA-accredited programmes are quick and gamified to keep you engaged and are tailored for you. They’re affordable and updated every six months so you graduate on the cutting edge of today’s fast-changing IT world.

Whether you want to learn coding to develop apps and websites, understand the basics or master IT security and hardware, we’ll give you the tools to develop and do. Choose programmes from Level 1 to Level 6 in the following subjects: 

  • Web & software development

  • Security & networks

  • Digital design & digital marketing

  • Computing

  • Foundational workplace & desktop publishing skills

  • Specialty programmes including ProCamp (for post-school students) & Taranaki Tech Academy (for high school students)


We’ll help you become an innovative, self-motivated and resilient IT professional with a life-long love of learning.


Come and say hi at our New Plymouth campus at Innovation HQ (127 Gill Street).




At Learner Me, you'll stay engaged in your study through a self-paced, online learning platform. It gives you the benefits of both worlds of a real-life classroom connection and also the freedom to go at your pace.


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Our programmes are delivered using both video content and simulation learning. This means you will be watching qualified experts teach you industry relevant knowledge and then you can practise these skills using our simulation files  (and, for some programmes, real life projects) to refine you skills and build your experience.

Real time

progress reporting

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Follow your progress in real time with our engagement tools. This allows you to get the most out of the programmes and stay motivated as you see your learning progress.



with instructors

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We're all about learning from the pros at Learner Me, so with our industry leading learning tools you can easily and quickly interact with your instructors.