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Our focus is to prepare our learners to work, create and thrive in the tech sector through an innovative technology-based learning platform. 


We bridge the gap between education and work placement by developing your industry-relevant skills and get you, where possible, developing real-world tech solutions. You’ll learn to innovate and think differently at Learner Me and be ready to hit the ground running as a tech professional.


What sets Learner Me apart?

  • Develop job-ready skills

  • Learn from industry professionals

  • Do real-world projects 

  • Affordable & fast courses

  • Self-paced, gamified learning

  • NZQA registered and industry-certified

  • Programmes updated continuously 

  • Tailored for you

How did Learner Me get started? 

Learner Me started from a strong need to find more qualified and experienced tech professionals in regional New Zealand. Every year, the number of tech jobs advertised have far out-stretched the number of tech graduates to fill those roles. Plus, many technology graduates lack real-world experience. 


So, the team at Proformac Technologies and HQ put their heads together in 2017 to see what could be done. 


By 2018, we had developed a complete online learning platform (called Learn HQ) that could deliver fast-paced and engaging courses.


By 2019, we had students learning with us in-house at 127 Gill Street.


In 2020, we became officially NZQA registered and grew our campus to house 50 students at one time, all at dual-monitor workstations. 


Our Address

Learner Me
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