Our focus is to prepare our learners to work, create and thrive in the tech sector through an innovative technology-based learning platform. 


We bridge the gap between education and work placement by developing your industry-relevant skills and get you, where possible, developing real-world tech solutions. You’ll learn to innovate and think differently at Learner Me and be ready to hit the ground running as a tech professional.


What sets Learner Me apart?

  • Develop job-ready skills

  • Learn from industry professionals

  • Do real-world projects 

  • Affordable & fast courses

  • Self-paced, gamified learning

  • NZQA registered and industry-certified

  • Programmes updated continuously 

  • Tailored for you

How did Learner Me get started? 

Learner Me started from a strong need to find more qualified and experienced tech professionals in regional New Zealand. Every year, the number of tech jobs advertised have far out-stretched the number of tech graduates to fill those roles. Plus, many technology graduates lack real-world experience. 


So, the team at Proformac Technologies and HQ put their heads together in 2017 to see what could be done. 


By 2018, we had developed a complete online learning platform (called Learn HQ) that could deliver fast-paced and engaging courses.


By 2019, we had students learning with us in-house at 127 Gill Street.


In 2020, we became officially NZQA registered and grew our campus to house 50 students at one time, all at dual-monitor workstations. 

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Meet the Team



Simon Singh

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Suman Modgill

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Christian Warren

Student Pastoral Care Coordinator


Nicola Kiely


Operations Officer


Sachin Modgill

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Marketing Strategist & 



Hayden Shearman

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Brand &



Pallak  M Singh

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Apart from our core team, we also have a Board of Advisors with vast experiences in business, education and technology. These awesome people give us ideas and insights in their various fields. Our Board of Advisors have helped us in starting our journey and we appreciate their continued support in taking us forward.

Stephen Hill

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Stephen is a chartered accountant & a director of Opportuna CA Ltd.  Passionate about education, he is a past academic programme leader in the Unitec Bachelor of Business Studies programme & is the current Sacred Heart Girls College NP Board of Trustees’ chair.  A chartered governance professional with international & national commercial, accounting, local government, banking experience.

Seema Modgill

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Seema is the Co-Founder of Proformac Technologies, She is a graduate from London university and fluently speaks 5 languages including German and French. Seema was also the director of Proformac IT Academy, a training establishment, which is the predecessor of Learner Me. 


Belinda Mooney

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Belinda  is the General Manager of Taranaki Futures.  She has a background in research, marketing, product development and strategy.  With a passion for youth, she believes that all young people in Taranaki deserve quality information and experiences about the world of work to help guide them into reaching their employment potential. Belinda works with the Taranaki community to improve alignment between education and employment. 

Warwick Foy

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Hayden Wano

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Hayden is the Chief Executive at Tui Ora and is the chair for the national Mental Health and Wellbeing  Commission. Hayden has over 40 years health sector experience in mental health, has held a wide range of governance positions and is currently Chairman for TSB Community Trust and is a director of TSB.  In 2017 Hayden was awarded the Taranaki Mayoral Award for Business Excellence.

Warwick is the National President of Careers and Transition Education Associate (CATE). He is an experienced teacher, he has worked in a range of secondary school subject areas and careers information and guidance. Warwick works closely with the Taranaki community to improve alignment between education and employment. 

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