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Learner Me and WITT partnership brings IT training to Taranaki campus

Stratford Press

WITT school director Dr Jan Lockett-Kay and executive director Olivia Hall, and Learner Me chief executive Simon Singh.

Level four and five information technology diploma programmes are now available at the Taranaki WITT Te Pūkenga campus in New Plymouth.

The programmes were introduced due to a new partnership between WITT and the Taranaki technology training centre Learner Me.

The collaboration offers students direct access to the industry through the HQ Group of companies which includes Proformac Technologies, Learner Me, Opportuna CA, Innovation HQ, Branding HQ and App HQ.

Learner Me chief executive Simon Singh said IT was part of everything people did.

“We want to ensure the current and next generation of digital natives are well-equipped to help deliver the latest IT skills and knowledge to the community – whether for business, education, health, food or in the creative sector."
“In Taranaki, IT plays an important role in all sectors including agriculture, conservation and new energy innovations.”

As well as securing the programmes, there are options of introducing higher level six and seven qualifications that explore AI applications, coding, and other developments.

Singh said technology education was not just a pathway to employment, but a vital tool for empowerment and innovation.

“As we launch our strategic partnership, we are responding to a global imperative to cultivate a tech-savvy workforce that can navigate and shape the future. This initiative represents our commitment to providing cutting-edge, relevant education that equips our learners with the skills necessary to thrive in a digital economy.”

He said the partnership signified a milestone of substantial advancement in technology education in Taranaki.

“This collaboration is not only about combining resources; it is a true testament to the spirit of our community and the result of extensive local support, for which we are extremely grateful.”

WITT executive director Olivia Hall said the partnership signalled an exciting addition to IT education for the local community.

“Our students can be confident they will receive the best specialist education from a proven provider along with the full suite of learning support and pastoral care from WITT and Learner Me.
“It’s about preparing our community to meet the challenges of the modern world head-on and ensuring that Taranaki remains at the forefront of technological advancements.”

School director Dr Jan Lockett-Kay said WITT was mindful of the needs of the local business sector.

“Having IT graduates who can understand and manage the diverse demands and innovative developments in the digital world is crucial for our local economy,” she said.



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